Good Good Father Tutorial
Good Good Father Tutorial
LISTEN: Good Good Father Tutorial

Chris Tomlin’s popular worship ballad Good, Good Father works best in your praise set these two ways:

1. …at the end of your praise set.
2. …as an offertory special / song right before the sermon

Here’s how you can use the Worshipscore Underscore 16 with Good, Good Father. First, decide the key your congregation will be singing Good, Good Father. Tomlin’s recording is in A, but as with most Tomlin songs, I’ll warn you to NOT have your church sing them in his original key. Those keys fit his voice best for his recordings, but usually that’s too high for your church.

I’d suggest dropping the song one step to the key of G – it’s still a good guitar key and much more accessible.

Then, select the same key for Underscore 16. When you use a Worshipscore Underscore with popular praise songs, make sure the Underscore flows seamlessly right into or out of the praise song – no stopping, no dead space.

Following are two examples of Good, Good Father in your praise set with Underscore 16:

1. …at the end of your praise set.

praise song 1
praise song 2
praise song 3

Underscore 16 under prayer, Scripture reading or video

Good, Good Father

2. …as an offertory special.

praise set

offering/announcements: Underscore 16 
Good, Good Father
Underscore 16 transitioning into the sermon


Download Underscore 16 exclusively with a subscription. There’s nothing like Worshipscores on or off the Internet!

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