Written Prayers at Worshipscores

by Don Chapman

When I led worship at a church, it was always hard for me (and stressful!) to pray publicly because I don’t have the “gift of gab!” You know those people who can eloquently pray deep, meaningful prayers at the drop of a hat? Yeah, I’m not one of them! I have to think things through and practice before I speak publicly.

Maybe you do, too. That’s why I’m introducing pre-written prayers to Worshipscores!

Try using the prayer as is – you may even want to put the text on screen so your congregation can pray along with you silently or in unison.

Or, perhaps it would be a good way to help you organize your thoughts to create your own prayer. Put it into your own words.

You might have that gift of gab but probably people on your praise team don’t. This might be a way to help them get the confidence to pray publicly.

More About Pre-Written Prayers

You’ve probably heard the crazy statistic, that next to death, the average person fears public speaking! (Cool fact, this fear is called “glossophobia!”) Whether it’s a group prayer at church or even a family gathering, the pressure to say the right words and express yourself in a meaningful way can be overwhelming. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, which can further hinder you, or members of your worship team, in praying effectively.

Pre-written prayers can provide a sense of comfort and security for those who struggle with public prayer. By having a set of words to rely on, you can reduce the pressure and anxiety that come with trying to find the right words on the spot. Pre-written prayers can also help you focus on the meaning behind the words, rather than worrying about how to phrase them.

Using pre-written prayers effectively requires some preparation and practice. The first step is to choose a prayer that resonates with you and your situation. It’s important to read the prayer several times to familiarize yourself with the words and the message behind them. You can also practice reciting the prayer in private to build your confidence.

When it comes time to pray in public, take a deep breath and focus on the words of the pre-written prayer. Remember that the prayer is there to help you, and that it’s okay to rely on it for support.

The pre-written prayers here at Worshipscores provide a valuable resource for anyone who struggles with expressing themselves in public. By choosing a prayer that resonates with you and practicing it in private, you can build your confidence and overcome the challenges of public prayer.

Listen to the pre-written prayers.

Download a free prayer and underscore for the song 10,000 Reasons.

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