Modulation Engine

What is the Modulation Engine? It’s downloadable PDF sheet music that will transition you FROM any key TO any key! See it for yourself: download a modulation from F to Eb along with a free Underscore.

Each modulation PDF has 4 sections:

  • 2 4/4 modulation measures
  • 4 4/4 modulation measures
  • 2 6/8 modulation measures
  • 4 6/8 modulation measures

The Modulation Engine is the perfect addition to your Worshipscores subscription – use a modulation to seamlessly take you from any praise song to any underscore.

Why Modulations?

Hi, I’m Don Chapman, the arranger here at Worshipscores. I’ve been planning on creating the Modulation Engine for years and finally figured out how to implement it here at the website!

Years ago I embedded a 2 measure modulation into the first staff of every Underscore. While convenient, subscribers wanted both longer Underscores and longer modulations.

These days, contemporary worship teams don’t “properly” change keys between songs like they used to, opting to simply stop the song in one key and start the next song in another. Still, I do occasionally get requests for modulations and I think they’ll come in handy to help your worship flow more smoothly, especially used between worship songs and Underscores.

Time Signatures and Flat, Major Keys

When I included modulations before with my Underscores I had options for both 4/4 and 3/4 meter. Again, how times have changed! I recently surveyed the top 100 worship songs from and and found only ONE song in 3/4! Roughly 65% were in 4/4 and 35% were in 6/8. If you need a 3/4 modulation, try using the 6/8 option and pretend it’s 3/4  🙂

My survey also revealed the vast majority of songs today are in major, flat keys. One song was in F# – you can simply use a Gb modulation for that one.

Accessing the Modulation Engine

Click the Modulation icon at the top of any page (navigation bar) and the website will transform into the Modulation Engine!

Try a free Worshipscore in your own ministry – and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. I’m here to help and pray these underscores and modulations will enhance YOUR ministry.

NEW! Learn more about the Modulation Engine - sheet music that will take you from any key to any key!

What's New:
09.13.23 Modulation Engine launch
08.28.23 House of the Lord
07.18.23 I Speak Jesus

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