We used your free sample last week and heard lots of comments from the congregation about what a nice touch it added. The nice thing about the underscores is that we can take the basic melody and chords, and adapt them rhythmically to match the underscore to whatever song we’re heading into.

You definitely have a gift and your willingness to share it to help us lead others in worship is certainly appreciated. God bless you in your ministry.

Ken Granger
Friedens United Church of Christ

We used interludes from Worshipflow this morning (Sunday.) I had underestimated how troublesome it has been for some of our keyboardists to play connections between songs for prayers, confession, etc. The interludes were amazingly helpful… very worshipful and easy to play! Our keyboardists were delighted and worship went so smoothly. Thank you so much.

Regina Carnazzo
Westwood Church

These underscores are just great! This whole site is great! I was really disheartened about my ability to lead worship, because my praise sets just lacked something. I ‘stumbled across’ (I know it was Spirit-directed, now) your site, have been studying your tutorials and downloading the underscores. It is making a huge difference. I call you the guy with the gift of 8th notes. It is more than just notes on a page—it invokes that spirit of silence and meditation we are looking for. I thank God for your work—–keep faithful!

Charlotte Nash
Franklin, IN

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