Why Worshipscores?

Hi, I’m Don Chapman, the arranger here at Worshipscores and my other website Hymncharts.com. I started piano lessons in kindergarten, was trained classically and walked into my freshman year of college as a music major and STILL could not improvise a note! I couldn’t even add to the 4 parts from a hymnal.

Now I make my living writing and arranging music, and thousands of churches all over the world use my arrangements every week in their services. I started improvising pretty late in life, so that’s quite a leap, isn’t it! But that’s another blog post 🙂

So I completely understand and have a heart for the church pianist who can’t improvise (or is timid about it) because I’ve been there!

My Worshipscores will not only give a church pianist something to play under readings and prayers, but hopefully they’ll start to teach pianists what and how to play so they’ll eventually be able to improvise on their own.

Before I learned to improvise I remember sitting down at the piano and being expected to “make something up” during a prayer. I nearly had a heart attack! Imagine being in that position and having an Underscore printed out in front of you to show you what to play.

Try a free Worshipscore in your own ministry – and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. I’m here to help and pray these underscores will enhance YOUR ministry.

NEW! Learn more about the Modulation Engine - sheet music that will take you from any key to any key!

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09.13.23 Modulation Engine launch
08.28.23 House of the Lord
07.18.23 I Speak Jesus

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“These underscores are more than just notes on a page—they invoke that spirit of silence and meditation we are looking for.”

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