Thanksgiving Scripturescores

To encourage contemporary churches to use more Scripture in their praise sets I’ve created these 5 Thanksgiving Scripturescores – they’re piano underscores set to specific passages. Try using them before or after your favorite praise songs in your sets.

Listen to these demos with Thanksgiving Scripturescores matched to popular praise songs (praise songs sold separately at other websites like Remember, the key to good WORSHIPFLOW is smooth transitions – flow directly out of the Scripturescore into your praise song.

These five Thanksgiving Scripturescores come with transposed sheet music for piano, Scripture narration and multitrack MP3s in every key. Use the Underscores with ANY popular praise songs – I’ve just created these demos to spark your imagination!

LISTEN: Scripturescore 1 with Forever
LISTEN: Scripturescore 2 with How Can I Keep From Singing
LISTEN: Scripturescore 3 with Everlasting God
LISTEN: Scripturescore 4 with Glory to God Forever
LISTEN: Scripturescore 5 with Blessed Be Your Name

Download Scripturescores exclusively with a subscription. There’s nothing like Worshipscores on or off the Internet!

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