New Year’s Prayer

LISTEN: prayer demo

Try opening your service with the underscore and prayer, or close your praise set with it.

What’s the key of the song the prayer is going into or coming out of? Choose the same key for the underscore so your worship will flow seamlessly!

Project the prayer on your screen so the congregation can follow along, or put the prayer into your own words.

C# - F# - -
Db Eb Gb Ab Bb
A note from arranger Don Chapman:

When I led worship at a church, it was always hard (and stressful!) to pray publicly because I don’t have the “gift of gab!” You know those people who can eloquently pray deep, meaningful prayers at the drop of a hat? Yeah, I’m not one of them! I have to think things through and practice before I speak publicly.

Maybe you do, too. That’s why I’m introducing pre-written prayers to Worshipscores!

Try using the prayer as is – you may even want to put the text on screen so your congregation can pray along with you silently or in unison.

Or, perhaps it would be a good way to help you organize your thoughts to create your own prayer. Put it into your own words.

You might have that gift of gab but probably people on your praise team don’t. This might be a way to help them get the confidence to pray publicly.