Underscore+ 2

LISTEN: piano

Ideas from Don:

This Underscore+ (longer than my regular Underscores) is two pages with 3 sections, giving you more options for a longer playing time if needed.

Many churches have an Advent candle lighting part of their service where a narrator or family step forward, read a few Scriptures, light one of the candles and sing O Come O Come Emmanuel or something similar.

Here's where the Advent Underscore ties your service together, giving you underscore music in pad or piano formats you can play under the Scripture reading and prayer. It's based on O Come O Come Emmanuel and can flow directly into the singing of this carol. Since the Advent Underscore comes in any key you can use it to flow directly into any song you want. Other contemporary advent worship song options could be:

  • You’ll Come by Brooke Fraser
  • Love Comes Down by Matt Maher
  • Let God Arise by Chris Tomlin
  • Hosanna versions by Brooke Fraser and Paul Baloche
  • Everlasting God by Brenton Brown
For variety, try using the piano version one week, pad the next, both pad and piano another week and add an acoustic guitar for another week.